the last blog//reflection

Media is something we all live around, and have recently blossomed in the last couple of years. Media has changed from barely being used to being used full time. This has much to do with the complexity of phones and technology in these recent years. I got my first phone in the 3rd grade, in the 3rd grade I never really used my phone but occasionally for YouTube, to contact my parents, and to play games on. However compared to now I used my phone to check social media, contact friends and family, listen to music, watch movies and shows, YouTube, and to play games. In comparison to when I was younger, I have definitely grown more of a usage to technology than when I was younger. This also had a lot to do with age. When I got my first phone I was pretty young and had a lot more restrictions of when I can use it and when it was time to let go of the phone. Now I have "gained" enough responsibility to manage myself and my cell phone usage... but I can't. I spend more than ni…

Disney and Live-Action

Recently the new live-action Aladdin movie made its way onto Disney+ as well as several other movies that came out in previous years, like Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, and many more to come in 2020. Disney has been remaking a lot of their original animation movies and converting them into live-action. I personally prefer Disney's animation movies over their live-action because it reminds and takes me back to some childhood memories before the movies were re-created and changed. However, my main question is to why Disney is coming up with new content? Is it because of lack of ideas, or lack of instruction? But whatever it is, I'd like to know what is the reasoning behind all these remakes.

Miss Representation

Earlier in the week, we watched a documentary about women. Not how women are being objectified by society. Through society's eyes women are seen as objects, and less than men. One of the biggest supporters of the degrading of women is the internet. The internet only showcases women of a skinny figure. From the documentary technology has made more of an impact on the new generations; therefore enforcing the vision of "women need to look like this" at a young age. Several young girls and women have experienced traumatic events in their lives where they are being put down by not only men but other women. Pain from both genders, the internet, and etc. results in self harm which could end up fatal in some attempts. Only through changing the eyes through the internet can we have hope of changing the eyes of the world.

get out

Get out is a horror film created in 2017 created by the same director as the movie Us, Jordan Peele. This movie gained popularity off of it's content, music, and story. Get out is about a black male who goes to visit his white girlfriend's family. While meeting them he slowly but surely realizes some things are off with this family, and that it is all a trap. And that the family is attempting to replace his identity with one of the identities of a family friend who they auctioned him off too; during one of their annual get together. While strapped down within a house full a people trying to rid of his soul, he must get out. The movie sends chills down your back and gives a feeling of uncertainty and that  something is always there and at any moment in the movie anything could happen.

Greased Lightning

I recently watched one of the classic musicals ever, Grease. When I was younger I always watched this movie not understanding what it was ever about and just enjoying the catchy songs. Now watching it I've realized how it revolves around the real teenage life  and conflicts that adolescents face. In the movie characters face pregnancy scares, experience smoking and drinking, dropping out of high school, dating, committing sexual actions, and ultimately fun. Through the characters ups and downs they give a raw perspective of what high school is like considering this is a movie. Grease, in my opinion has a double meaning to it. One being to entertain, but another to show as an example of poor and good decision making in high school that can end up affecting your future.

Living on the dance floor//dance moms

On my spare time or just in general I find myself constantly re watching the Dance Moms series. Dance Moms is a reality TV show that is centered on Abby Lee Miller (The dance director) and her students. Abby has raised most of her student since they were around 2 years old and put their names on the map with her amazing choreography, training, discipline, and pushing her students to the best of their ability;by traveling and competing every week. Besides watching and admiring the dancers beautiful dancing. The thing that really makes it an enjoyable show is when the dance moms fight and things get heated between the Abby's team and the rival team. Abby is known for her winning numbers and feels defeated when they come across a loss. But when it comes to the Candy Apples (biggest rival), Abby refuses to lose to them and has stood by that through all their winning titles when battling them. Although the moms all love each other they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their …

big mouth

Big Mouth is a show on Netflix that is about the stages of adolescences and how the main characters have different struggles while growing up. This show made it's self a crowd favorite when it came out because of its humor and the way it relates to us teenagers. As growing teenagers we can't always ask mommy and daddy for help on certain things and left to our own devices to figure them out. As were figuring out who we are in life we go through a series of ups and downs that are being portrayed in a funnier version on the show. To add each of the characters have home issues besides the ones at school, as do many of us. Some of the situations in the show may be a little bit of a stretch from our lives but the main concept is there. Balancing out a social life and a home/school life can be difficult at times. Especially when put in a position to choose between the two sides.